SAFA technical director Tovey showing improvement

SAFA’s Technical Director Neil Tovey, who suffered a heart attack on Sunday afternoon, has shown slight improvement although his condition still remains critical according to his brother Mark Tovey.

“There is a slight improvement from yesterday’s situation but Neil remains in critical condition and I ask all South Africans to keep Neil in their daily prayers,” said Mark Tovey.

“The doctors have been working round the clock and we hope for the best,” added Mark Tovey.

The SAFA Technical Director suffered a heart attack while training on Sunday afternoon and was rushed to hospital.

SAFA CEO, Dennis Mumble, who spent the whole Monday in Durban monitoring Neil Tovey’s condition together with his family said it was important for football fans and all South Africans to pray for the country’s football legend at this critical time.

COSAFA would like to wish Tovey a speedy recovery and all the best for the future.