FULLTIME – COSAFA U20: Malawi 0 DR Congo 1

Welcome to our live coverage of the cross-over game between Malawi (Group B) and DR Congo (Group D) at the 2016 COSAFA Under-20 Championships on Tuesday.

A win will ensure DR Congo of a place in the semifinals, where Zambia await.

Starting line-ups:

Malawi XI: Christopher Mikuwa, Kennedy Kachimamga, Azriel Johnson, Mike Mkwate, Chimwemwe Idana, Francisco Madinga, Nickson Nyasulu, Precious Sambani, Abel Mwakilama, Hadji Wali, Kondwani Mwaila.

DR Congo XI: Kama Kamalanduaku, Nicolas Kazadi, Chadrack Lukombe, Ernest Sita, Rachidi Kuamanbu, Djemes Mudiadia, Nathan Lusuki, Grady Lengo, Peter Zulu, Rosy Kinkela, Batista Adongba.


FULLTIME: DR Congo hold of for the win and book their semifinal place!

yc_livescore 90 – Yellow card to Mwakilama for a foul.

sub_livescore 88′ – Malawi sub: Yafet Mangani in for Idana.

shotwide_livescore 85′ – Mikuwa denies DRC from scoring again by blocking Musinga’s shot

sub_livescore 80′ – DR Congo sub: Lukombe comes out for Katompa.

yc_livescore 78′ – Yellow to DRC keeper Kamalanduaku for time-wasting.

yc_livescore 76′ – Yellow for Zulu of DRC for fouling Pangani.

sub_livescore 75′ – DR Congo sub: Agee Amongo in for Kinkela.

offside_livescore 74′ – Lusuki’s effort ruled out for off side. Action swings to the other end where DRC’s Zulu clears from the line a goal bound Malawi shot.

shotwide_livescore 64′ – Mikuwa again stays to the ground, spreads himself big to punch with both hands a point-blank header by DRC’s Lusuki.

shotwide_livescore 55′ – Malawi keeper Mikuwa again keeps out a free-kick by Kukombe and stops another shot from the resultant corner-kick.

shotwide_livescore 51′ – Mkwate for Malawi slips a pass for Pangani but he fires wide.

yc_livescore 48′ – Yellow card to Malawi’s Nickson Nyasulu over a foul.

shotwide_livescore 47′ – Mikuwa makes a double save to deny Lukombe of DRC who want to kill off this game

finalwhistle_livescore 46′ – We are back under way in the second half!

HALFTIME: DRC lead 1-0 but it could have been worse for Malawi who are blunt upfront.

yc_livescore 44′ – DRC’s Adongba receives yellow card.

shotwide_livescore 40′ – Kuamanbu has his shot deflected for a corner-kick. Malawi survive again, thanks to Mikuwa’s one-handed near post save.

shotwide_livescore 35′ – Hadji Wali cuts out a dangerous cross from Kuamanbu.

offside_livescore 31′ – Madinga of Malawi caught off side as he tries to attack on the left wing.

goal_livescore 25′ – GOAL! Nathan Lusuki rises above Malawi’s defence to glance into the net the opener for DRC!

shotwide_livescore 22′ – Malawi keeper Mikuwa leaves his line to kick out the ball as Kinkela is about to shoot.

shotwide_livescore 18′ – Kinkela finds space on the left wing, sprints but drags his pass to nobody in Malawi penalty box. The ball goes out.

shotwide_livescore 16′ – Mwakilama gets a through ball in a counter-attack for Malawi but drifts away from the goalmouth and DRC regroup.

shotwide_livescore 12′ – DRC’s Lukombe twists and turns past Malawi defenders but hits his shot wide from a tight angle.

shotwide_livescore 7′ – Malawi, who are already out the competition and have yet to score, are being pinned in their own half by DRC.

shotwide_livescore 4′ – DRC’s Kinkela stretches to meet a cross at the far post but misses a sitter!

finalwhistle_livescore 1′ – We are under way in the first half!

– The referee for today’s clash is Tirelo Mositwane from Botswana.