COSAFA president Chiyangwa helps resolve SAFA electoral dispute

COSAFA president Phillip Chiyangwa has successfully brokered an agreement between the two parties contesting the upcoming South African Football Association (SAFA) elections after being sent to Johannesburg by FIFA to mediate in the dispute

The Zimbabwe Football Association president was mandated by world football’s governing body to seek clarity on the situation around the SAFA presidential elections, which had been scheduled for March 24, and mediate in a dispute between the two candidates, incumbent Danny Jordaan and Ace Ncobo.

Chiyangwa was also asked to look at the dispute over SAFA statutes that were at the forefront of the conflict and the subject of a threatened court challenge.

Both tasks were achieved successfully after marathon talks into the late hours on Wednesday.

“SAFA will elect an electoral committee before the elections can take place,” said the COSAFA president at a press conference in Johannesburg on Thursday.

The congress will now be postponed to a later date as the electoral committee must be formed six months before elections can take place.

Chiyangwa used his powers of persuasion in a meeting with the candidates to ensure an amicable solution.

“Danny Jordaan and Ace Ncobo are both celebrated in SA football. I had a meeting with SAFA and it has led to this scenario. There is an agreement that has been signed by both parties.

“It brings closure to the dispute that had arisen. This was the first time I met Ace. He is a good guy who made it clear he is not interested in the presidency. I don’t want there to be fighting in any associations. My job here was to resolve any fights, that’s my mandate,” he said.

Ncobo has since withdrawn his candidacy.