Botswana appoint Women’s Football Manager

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Secretary General Mfolo Mfolo has announced that Tsholofelo Setlhoko has been appointed as the manager for women’s football.

Setlhoko has signed a three-year contract and will be driving the organisation’s women’s football strategy.

She will be responsible for driving the growth and development of the women’s game in Botswana, according to Mfolo.

The new position comes with various responsibilities, cutting across all areas of football. This will include delivering and implementing a long-term women’s football strategy which is expected to lead to the successful growth of women’s football in Botswana.

“Her duties will be ensuring that the whole population has access to this sport, for any level, age-group or background. This role is therefore of great importance to the Botswana Football Association.” Mfolo explained

The Secretary Generalsaid Setlhokocomes with such an exceptional coaching career and a wide range of experiences in women football.  He added there is no doubt that Setlhokowas the number one choice for the new role.

“I’m very proud and honoured to be offered the opportunity by the BFA to be the women football manager,” Setlhokosaid.

“Women’s football in Botswana is in a developing stage right now, with the growth and development of the game. I am ready to give everything I have to build and increase mass participation in Botswana that every Motswana supporter can be proud of.

“This is a huge challenge for me personally and one in which I’m looking forward to taking on. I hope everyone in the game can unite behind me and the squad, and together we can share a new and exciting journey for women’s football in Botswana.”

By Gaone Pearl Kerileng