Zambia set to resume league action next month

President Edgar Lungu has set the tone for the possible re-opening of the Zambian league by announcing that football activities will resume in July subject to adherence to strict guidelines by the Ministry of Health.

In his national address, President Lungu, who is also patron of the Football Association of Zambia, said the onus now was on the ministries of health, sports and local government to see off the implementation.

President Lungu said sports disciplines had been segmented in categories depending on their level of risk.

“Guidelines for all sports disciplines to follow as they consider resuming sports activities have been developed. They include the following, but not limited to,” he said.

“Guiding principles stipulated by the statutory instruments 21 and 22 of 2020.”

He further said, “Guidelines for various sports disciplines which have been categorized as non-contact, semi- contact and full contact sport.”

“Safeguards as outlined in the health guidelines for football at Premier and National Division One Leagues.”

President Lungu stressed that adherence to guidelines would be critical in ensuring that the league resumes.

“The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development and the Ministry of Local Government would be inspecting sports arenas to ensure they are ready for action,” he said.

Games are expected to resume next month behind closed doors with FAZ closely working with the authorities in ensuring that matches are played in conditions prescribed by health authorities.

Source: Football Association of Zambia