UEFA experts assist clubs in Zambia

The UEFA/FAZ League Development Workshop has entered day three with the team of experts zeroing in more aspects of football development.
Eighteen Super League teams are being inducted by a team of UEFA experts as part of understanding the intricacies of de-linking the league from FAZ.
In the Monday session, Pedro Correia shed light on match day operations and venue management while Kenny Macleod made a presentation on marketing and communication operations in relation to income generation.
Match operations covered areas such as safety and security, ticketing and protocol and TV and media operations.
The four-day induction for clubs is a rounded package that seeks to provide clubs with all the information as they ponder full independence.
FAZ has secured UEFA support that covers wide-ranging areas like technical and material support.
A four member UEFA team of experts led by Head of International Relations Eva Pasquier is conducting the intense workshop for all Super League teams.