FULLTIME – Seychelles 0 Madagascar 1

The second match of the COSAFA Castle Cup saw Madagascar claim a deserved 1-0 victory over Seychelles in Group B at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Saturday!

Check out how the game unfolded with our live coverage below.

Starting line-ups:

Seychelles XI: Jose Vincent Euphrasie, Yanick Mondo, Nelson Lawrence, Jones Joubert, Benoit Marie, Gervais Waye-Hive, Achille Henriette, Carl Hoprich, aniel Mailet, Collin Bibi, Lucas Panayi

Subs: Andrew Onezia, Bertin Basil, Randy Suzette, Keith Carolie, Colin Esther, Karl Hall, Tamboo Elijah, Gino Melanie, Marlin Sopola.

Madagascar XI: Toby Sandratriniaina, Randrianiaiana Tantley, Michel Fetranianina, Ando Manoelantsoa, Jaotambo Bourahim, Sarivahy Vombola, Rinjala Raherinaivo, Francois Randrianmonjanahary, Chretien Andriamifehy, Solo Rakotoarinosy, Bela Fanomezana

Subs: Eddit Bastia, Fenosoa Ratolojanahary, Morelin Raveoarisona, Florent Rajaoniasy, Manda Ratsimbazafy, Elefoni, Andy Randrianarisoa.


Halftime_LiveScore FULLTIME – Madagascar claim the win, which they fully deserved!

ShotWide_LiveScore 90+1′ – Dina Razanakoto denied a goal by the upright.

Sub_LiveScore 87′ – Madagascar get a chance to make it 2-0 but Rinjala wastes it.

Sub_LiveScore 82′ – Seychelles sub: Tamboo Eliah comes in for Trevor Waye-Hive.

Sub_LiveScore 79′ – Madagascar sub: Dino Morelin comes on for Claudel Fanomezana.

Sub_LiveScore 76′ – Madagascar sub: Jaotombo Bourahim comes off for Florent Rajanaisy.

YC_LiveScore 78′ – Yellow card for Seychelles’ Yannick Manoo.

ShotWide_LiveScore 70′ – Steve Marie plays a back pass and Vincente Euphrasie almost let it slip in goal. Nervy moment for Seychelles!

ShotWide_LiveScore 68’ – Mid air collision between Mando of Seychelles and Vambola. Free-kick Seychelles.

ShotWide_LiveScore 61’ – Vambola feeds Rinjala who blasts over the bar.

YC_LiveScore 56′ – Yellow card to Marc Henrientte for a tackle on Ando of Madagascar.

ShotWide_LiveScore 54 – Vambola brought down in the area for what looks a penalty but the referee waves play on.

ShotWide_LiveScore 53′ – Madagascar have had four shots on target in the game so far as opposed to none for Seychelles.

YC_LiveScore 50′ – Yellow card for Tantely Randrianiaina after a poor foul.

ShotWide_LiveScore 47′ – Benoit Marie is down after being hit by Rinjala’s shot on goal.

FinalWhistle_LiveScore 46 – The second half is under way!

Halftime_LiveScore HALFTIME – Madagascar with a comfortable lead at the break, it has been one-way traffic.

ShotWide_LiveScore 44′ – Vambola gets a chance to make it 2-0 and his shot is saved by Vincent Euphraise.

ShotWide_LiveScore 40′ – Rinjala goes alone and holds the ball too long and his shot is blocked.

ShotWide_LiveScore 36′ – Madagascar’s Vombola and Rinjala combine, but cannot hit the target.

ShotWide_LiveScore 27′ – Rinjala drives forward and Vambola just could not connect to score.

ShotWide_LiveScore 25′ – Free-kick for Madagascar, but blasted over the bar by Rinjala.

ShotWide_LiveScore 22′ – Nelson Lawrence hit the upright for Seychelles! So close!

Goal_LiveScore 21′ – Claudel Fanomenza beats the offside trap and scores!

Sub_LiveScore 19′ – Seychelles sub: Lucas Panay comes out for Randy Suzette.

ShotWide_LiveScore 15′ – Ando delivers for Madagascar but Euphrasie collects for Seychelles.

ShotWide_LiveScore 13′ – Tojo Claudel Bella misses a lovely ball with a complete miscue!

ShotWide_LiveScore 11’ – Caludel Bella blasts a sitter over the bar.

FinalWhistle_LiveScore 1′ – We are under way!