NFA President Frans Mbidi urges Namibia on at CHAN

The Brave Warriors will have to combine the tactical plan from the three games coupled with speed to beat Morocco when the two sides meet in the Saturday’s quarterfinal clash, 18h30, at the Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca at the 2018 Africa Nations Championship (CHAN) finals.

These are the views of Namibia Football Association (NFA) President Frans Mbidi who recently joined the team of support for the Brave Warriors in their Moroccan expedition.

Mbidi reckons the host will be under pressure and the Brave Warriors need to be clever on the day: “ We have nothing to lose on Saturday. The boys have overdone themselves and now we go out there and enjoy our game. Use our tactics from the first three games and mix that up with speed and we can reach the next stage,” says Mbidi.

He adds that the Morocco’s strengths lies on their wing play and the Brave Warriors need to be smart enough to cut that out. “North African sides play with wing play strength and for us we need to cut that out and we can have a great chance. The players must cut out the crowd because they never score but just make noise, concentrate on playing the game and applying the tactics to the core,” explains the President.

Mbidi is not surprised by the team’s run at the 2018 CHAN finals and attributes it to a good pool of local players.

“We tend to have our players at home and that makes our local league a little bit better. Other countries are doing so bad because they export most of their players to other African countries and Europe and even the average ones go and play in lower leagues abroad and that makes this teams not so good. So this is a chance to go all the way and I was never surprised that we are in the quarterfinals,” he states.

Ricardo Mannetti and the players has been hard at work plotting another achievement as they take on championship favorite and host Morocco on Saturday in the first quarterfinals match and if they win they will make it to the last two days of the championship, while a defeat will see the Brave Warriors back in Windhoek by Monday.