Mozambique coach agrees with 2021 Afcon postponement

Mozambique coach Luís Gonçalves says the decision to postpone the African Cup of Nations finals from 2021 to 2022 because of the COVID-19 pandemic was the right one to make and should work to the benefit of the Mambas.

“It is an understandable decision in view of the current situation, since the pandemic is not yet over,” said the Portuguese coach, even though he will have to wait until October to finally get to work with his player again when international football is due to resume.

“The length of time between the last game and the next one will prove very damaging. But, the most important thing is to have the best conditions so that when football comes back, everything goes on as normally as possible.

“It remains for us to wait for the schedule of the games, since the desire of everyone is to return as soon as possible to honour the national jersey,” Goncalves added.

Mozambique made a positive start to their bid to qualify for the next Cup of Nations finals in their opening two qualifiers played last November.

They beat Rwanda at the start of Group C action and then drew 2-2 away in the Cape Verde Islands. They are due to play Cameroon next.

Mozambique last qualified for the Cup of Nations finals in 2010.