Media advisory on stand-up interview opportunities

Teams competing at the 2017 COSAFA Castle Cup in South Africa’s North West province are given the opportunity to train at the match venues prior to their games, which will double-up as an opportunity for stand-up interview opportunities for media.

Journalists who are in possession of their accreditation for the tournament will be able to take part in these media opportunities, which will immediately follow the training sessions of the teams at the match venues.

The schedule for training ahead of, and during, the first round group stage and quarterfinals, has been completed and can be viewed below.

The training sessions will take place at the two match-day venues – the Royal Bakokeng Sports Palace in Phokeng and the Moruleng Stadium.

Media are advised that these opportunities will last approximately 15 minutes and will include the head coach and captain, or another senior player if the latter is unavailable.

Any other interview requests must be directed to the respective media officers of the competing teams.


DATE              TEAM             VENUE                       TIME
23/6/17        Tanzania         Moruleng                   14h30 – 15h15
23/6/17        Malawi             Moruleng                   15h45 – 16h30
23/6/17        Mauritius        Moruleng                   17h00 – 17h45
23/6/17        Angola             Moruleng                   18h15 – 19h00
24/6/17        Mozambique   Moruleng                   14h30 – 15h15
24/6/17        Zimbabwe       Moruleng                   15h45 – 16h30
24/6/17        Madagascar    Moruleng                   17h00 – 17h45
24/6/17        Seychelles       Moruleng                   18h15 – 19h00
24/6/17        Malawi            Royal Bafokeng          16h00 – 16h45
24/6/17        Mauritius       Royal Bafokeng          17h15 – 18h00
24/6/17        Angola            Royal Bafokeng          18h15 – 19h00
24/6/17        Tanzania        Royal Bafokeng          19h15 – 20h00
25/6/17        Zimbabwe      Royal Bafokeng          16h00 – 16h45
25/6/17        Madagascar   Royal Bafokeng          17h15 – 18h00
25/6/17        Seychelles      Royal Bafokeng          18h15 – 19h00
25/6/17        Mozambique  Royal Bafokeng          19h15 – 20h00
28/6/17        Botswana       Royal Bafokeng          15h00 – 15h45
28/6/17        Zambia           Royal Bafokeng          16h15 – 17h00
29/6/17        Namibia          Royal Bafokeng          10h00 – 10h45
29/6/17        Lesotho           Royal Bafokeng          11h15 – 12h00
30/6/17        South Africa   Royal Bafokeng          10h00 – 10h45
30/6/17        Swaziland       Royal Bafokeng          11h15 – 12h00