Madagascar: Cup defending champions Elgeco Plus knocked out

Big sensation at Rabemananjara stadium this Sunday 5thMay to see Elgeco Plus, the winner of the previous edition of Telma Cup of Madagascar, being eliminated by an amazing Ajesaia team. Cnaps Sport, Fosa Juniors FC and Uscafoot also got their tickets to the semi-finals of the tournament.

It is now confirmed, Elgeco Plus which failed to qualify to the final stage of the championship will be trophyless this season after losing his quarterfinal game of the national Cup against Ajesaia. Yet Elgeco Plus scored the first goal of the game in the first half, his opponent equalized in the additional time of the second half, forcing the two clubs to play extra times during which Ajesaia scored two other goals that made the final score 3-1 in favour of this later.

Few hours after this first opposition, Cnaps Sport went on Rabemananjara pitch and defeated CFFA Tana Formation 2-0 thanks to Niasexe’s brace (67’ and 90’). The first semi-final of the Cup will oppose Ajesaia and Cnaps Sport in Mahajanga on Sunday 19thMay. This D1 derby would be decisive for both the two teams as they are still behind Fosa Juniors FC in Championship, with four games remaining.

Fosa Juniors FC precisely also validated in the meantime his ticket to the Cup’s semis after beating As Jet Mada at Mahamasina Stadium 2-1. As Jet Mada opened the scored in the first period but Fosa Juniors quickly put the two teams in the same level in the beginning of the second period thanks to a penalty kicked by the captain Baggio. Three minutes later, Baggio offered an assist to Fetra for the winning goal.

The last game of the quarterfinals between Costm and Uscafoot ended with shootouts 4-2 in favour of this later. They drew 2-2 in the regulatory time and they managed to score one goal each during extra time to make the final score 3-3. The second semi-final will face Uscafoot to Fosa Juniors in Antananarivo on 19thMay.

Note that the Final will be played on 2ndof June.




USCA Foot              (4) 3-3 (2)    COSTM                (QF1)

Fosa Juniors Elite        2-1        JET Mada [Itasy]      (QF2)

Elgeco Plus                    1-3 (aet) Ajesaia [Bongolava]   (QF3)

CNAPS Sports               2-0        CFFA Tana Formation   (QF4)



USCA Foot  vs  Fosa Juniors Elite           (DF1)

Ajesaia vs  Cnaps Sports                 (DF2)



Winner DF1                 vs Winner DF2