FT – Seychelles 1 Namibia 4

Check out our live coverage of the 2016 COSAFA Under-17 Championships group A clash between Seychelles and Namibia on Wednesday.

Starting line-up:

Seychelles XI: Gino Pleureuse, Mathiew Basset, Churtill Rose, Stan Esther, Hedley Havelock, Ryan Henriette, Julius Joseph, Deema Dubel, Darren Dogley, Mathiot Juninho, Emmanuel Lesperance.

Subs: Alexandro Fanchette, Wayne Jeanne, Brandon Fanchette, Eronn Vidot, Kim Hoareau.

Namibia XI: Joseph Phillipus, Syanley Ndjavera, Giovani Kaninab, Eldery Morgan, Abram Tjahikika, Rivaldo Laksman, Fritz Hollombach, Lubeni Haukongo, Denzel Narib, Junior Petrus, Godwin Awaseb.

Subs: Stevano Dundee, Immanuel Isaya, Helmuth Namaseb, Vaino Uugwanga, Matias Shipanga, Alex Kaongelwa, Jovane Narib, Pitsi Ameb.



Halftime_LiveScore FULLTIME: Namibia storm to a huge 4-1 win over Seychelles!

Goal_LiveScore 90′ – GOAL! Eldery Morgan scores by beating the keeper with a great shot from 25 meters!

Sub_LiveScore 77′ – Namibia subs: Pitsi Ameb and Stevano Dundee come in for Awaseb and Hollombach.

Goal_LiveScore 76′ – GOAL! A hat-trick for Abram Tjahikika as he superbly lobs the keeper!

ShotWide_LiveScore 66′ – Again Kaninab produces a stunning shot from the edge of the box but the keeper saves.

Sub_LiveScore 63′ – Seychelles sub: Eronn Vidot comes in for Havelock.

Goal_LiveScore 57′ – GOAL! Seychelles are back in it as Mathiot Juninho scores after a scramble in the Namibian box!

ShotWide_LiveScore 53′ – Bad anticipation from the Namibian keeper almost gifts Juninho with a goal, but he could not get his shot on target.

Goal_LiveScore 47′ – GOAL! Abram Tjahikika scores with a superb free-kick that goes directly in the net! His second of the match!

ShotWide_LiveScore 46′ – We are under way in the second half!

Halftime_LiveScore HALFTIME: Namibia lead 1-0 at the break but Seychelles have had good moments in the half too.

ShotWide_LiveScore 44′ – Henriette has a good opportunity to equalise but fails to connect with a cross from the right.

ShotWide_LiveScore 37′ – Morgan runs straight to the goal but fails to beat the Seychelles keeper.

Goal_LiveScore 30′ – GOAL! Abram Tjahikika opens the scoring after a ball was not well dealt with by the Seychelles keeper!

ShotWide_LiveScore 21′ – Complete domination by the Namibian players but they need to be more composed to score.

ShotWide_LiveScore 16′ – Laksman’s vicious corner goes narrowly over the bar … good chance to score gone.

ShotWide_LiveScore 13′ – Ndjavera connects with a cross in the box but his shot goes wide off the cross bar.

ShotWide_LiveScore 11′ – Lesperance’s cross is deflect by Namibian defenders but doesn’t trouble Phillipus.

ShotWide_LiveScore 7′ – Hollombach tries a huge shot from 30 meters but his shot is blocked by the keeper.

FinalWhistle_LiveScore 1′ – We are under way in the match between Seychelles and Namibia!

– Match officials: Referee – Avombitana Rakotojoana (Madagascar); Asst. 1 – Peter Chauke (South Africa); Asst. 2 – Christopher Harrison (South Africa)