FT – DR Congo 1 Mozambique 0

Check out our live blow-by-blow coverage of the fourth 2016 COSAFA Castle Cup quarterfinal between guest nation DR Congo and Mozambique at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Sunday.


Starting line-ups:

DR Congo XI: Herve Lomboto, Bompunga Botuli, Nelson Omba, Momba Lusala, Doxa Gikanji, Lobi Manzoki, Lema Mabidi, Bodrick Muselenge, Sedrick Ngulubi, Bangala Litombo.

Subs: Ley Matampi, Junior Baometo, Bukasa Bakangila, Watshini Bukia, Mukoko Batezadio, Guy Basisila, Franck Mfuki.

Mozambique XI: José Guirrugo, João Mazive, Teca Jorge, Gildo Vilanculos, Manuel Correia, Kleiton Arge, Apso Manjate, Luis Miquissone, Lourenco Waruma, João Mussica, Pedro Timbe.

Subs: Bruno Langa, Nelson Divrassone, Alexandre Guambe, Nelson Logomale, Sitoe Salomone, Elias Macamo, Dayson Agostinho, Luis Parkim, Salomão Mondlane.



Halftime_LiveScore FULLTIME: DR Congo are deserved 1-0 winners and book a semifinal meeting with Botswana!

YC_LiveScore 90+4′ – Yellow card for Macamo for a rough challenge.

YC_LiveScore 88′ – Yellow card for Waruma after some foul play.

ShotWide_LiveScore 86′ – Miquissone is hacked down in a delicate position on the left flank. Can Mozambique find a late eqauliser from this? No they can’t.

YC_LiveScore 85′ – Yellow card for Lomboto for time-wasting.

YC_LiveScore 83′ – Yellow card for Gikanji for simulation.

ShotWide_LiveScore 80′ – DR Congo have the upright to thank for blocking Miquissone’s header from going in. Close!

Sub_LiveScore 79′ – DR Congo sub: Bukasa Bakangila comes in for Lusala.

Sub_LiveScore 77′ – Mozambique sub: Elias Macamo comes in for Mazive.

ShotWide_LiveScore 75′ – Basilila almost scores with his first touch but drags his shot across goal.

Sub_LiveScore 73′ – DR Congo sub: Guy Basisila comes in for Ngulubi.

ShotWide_LiveScore 71′ – Mabidi tries a long-range shot from the left but it balloons over.

ShotWide_LiveScore 68′ – Left-footed cross by Batezadio goes wide.

Sub_LiveScore 64′ – DR Congo sub: Mukoko Batezadio comes in for Manzoki.

Sub_LiveScore 59′ – Mozambique sub: Nelson Drivassone comes in for Vilanculos.

ShotWide_LiveScore 57′ – It’s DR Congo who are still doing much of the probing in this contest.

ShotWide_LiveScore 54′ – Lasala jinxes past Mazive on the left but he can only send his cross out.

ShotWide_LiveScore 50′ – Manzoki fluffs a chance to increase the Congolese lead arriving late to try and meet with a cross by Litombo.

FinalWhistle_LiveScore 46′ – we are back under way in the second half as DR Congo lead 1-0!

Sub_LiveScore 46’ – Mozambique sub: Alexandre Guambe comes in for Correira.

Halftime_LiveScore HALFTIME: DR Congo deservedly lead 1-0 at the break!

ShotWide_LiveScore 44′ – Miquissone’s cross takes a deflection off the boot of Omba but doesn’t trouble Lombotoin the end.

ShotWide_LiveScore 42′ – CHAN champions DR Congo have been lively on their left channel with left-back Mutambala and winger Lusala causing problems for Mozambican defenders.

ShotWide_LiveScore 41′ – Acrobatic save from Guirrugo to stop Ngulubi’s effort inside the box following a good cross from the left by Lusaka.

ShotWide_LiveScore 39′ – Mabidi misses a chance to make it two for his team as he shoots over from close range.

ShotWide_LiveScore 37′ – GOAL! DR Congo have the lead as Nelson Omba heads home from a free-kick! 1-0!

ShotWide_LiveScore 35′ – Cross from the left by Lusala and straight to the goalkeeper again.

ShotWide_LiveScore 33′ – Correira beats an ill-conceited offside trap but his cross/shot is parried away by the goalkeeper.

corner 31′ – Corner taken by Mabidi is headed out by Jorge.

ShotWide_LiveScore 29′ – Foul as Omba is penalised for hacking down Miquissone just inside the Congolese half.

ShotWide_LiveScore 26′ – Mozambique charge down the right channel with Miquissone but he finds the tall Congolese defenders a stumbling block.

ShotWide_LiveScore 25′ – Mozambique still to get their first real test on Lomboto’s goal.

ShotWide_LiveScore 23′ – Lusala teases his marker and sends a grounder which Guirrugo smothers.

ShotWide_LiveScore 22′ – Golden chance for DR Congo goes begging by Lusaka, who fails to do justice to a low cross from Litombo.

YC_LiveScore 21′ – Yellow card for Timbe of Mozambique.

ShotWide_LiveScore 19′ – Free-kick taken from the left by Mabidi curls its way staight to the goalkeeper.

ShotWide_LiveScore 15′ – Timbe fails to connect with a low cross from the left from Mutambala.

ShotWide_LiveScore 9′ – Lusala makes an attempt from the middle but can only send his shot over Guirrugo’s goal.

ShotWide_LiveScore 3′ – Gikanji’s rising shot from the edge of the box flies high and out.

FinalWhistle_LiveScore 1′ – We are under way in our fourth quarterfinal between DR Congo and Mozambique!

– Match officials – Referee: Victor Gomes (South Africa); Asst. 1: Soura Phatsoane (Lesotho); Asst. 2: Sifiso Nxumalo (Swaziland)