FULLTIME – COSAFA U20: Seychelles 0 Mauritius 2 – Group C

Check out our live coverage of the 2016 COSAFA Under-20 Championships Group C game between the island nations of Seychelles and Mauritius at the Mogwase Stadium on Thursday afternoon.

Starting line-ups:

Seychelles XI: Gerard Tirant, Darren Gonzalves, Don Fanchette, Daryl Louise, Neil Confiance, Helton Monnaie, Lucas Panayi, Darian Hoareau, Calvin Didon, Andrew Cesar, Nick Labiche

Mauritius XI: Herbert Nany, Neelesh Gukoola, Emmanuel Vincent, Guillaume Vielleuse, Louis Momus, Jean Langue, Marcus Dimanche, Dimitri Ova, Alex Ferre, Jean Saramandif, Louis Jackson


rc_livescore 90′ – Red card for Daryl Louise of Seychelles in added time!

rc_livescore 87′ – Red card for Jean Sarah of Mauritius!

sub_livescore 80′ – Seychelles sub: Seychelles replace Keron Lafleu with Cesar Andrew.

sub_livescore 68′ – Mauritius sub: Mauritius make an injury-forced substitution of Ferre for Jean Sarah.

sub_livescore 63’ – Mauritius sub: Mauritius introduce Aurelien Perle for substituted Jean Saramandif.

sub_livescore 59’ – Mauritius sub: Mauritius replace Dimanche and in comes Gregory Ithier.

sub_livescore 52’ – Seychelles sub: Seychelles introduce Churtill Rose in place of Lucas Panayi.

goal_livescore 47′ – GOAL! Mauritius double their lead through Marcus Dimanche who slots into the net from a rebound after a Seychelles defender had cleared off the goal-line Ferre’s low volley in the box!

HALFTIME: Mauritius lead Seychelles 1-0 at the break and deservedly so!

yc_livescore 41′ – Monnaie gets his revenge and slashes down Langue to receive a yellow card.

yc_livescore 40′ – Yellow card to Jean Langue of Mauritius for fouling Monnaie of Seychelles.

yc_livescore 32′ – Yellow card to Mauritius defender Didon Calvin for a foul. Frustrations!

shotwide_livescore 28′ – Emmanuel Jean of Mauritius makes a dangerous open-stud challenge on Seychelles Monnaie to give away a free-kick which comes to nothing.

goal_livescore 19′ – GOAL! Mauritius’ Alex Ferre scores with a diving header to the far post after a free-kick!

shotwide_livescore 15′ – Mauritius’ Loius Jackson takes a long free-kick but Dimanche deflects the ball wide with the back of his head.

shotwide_livescore 9′ – A long ball into the channel finds Maurtius winger Dimanche, who chest-controls the ball, turns and dips his effort over the bar. Wonderful technique but certainly not the execution.

shotwide_livescore 8′ – Rosette of Seychelles races clear on the left wing but when he charges into the penalty box, goalkeeper Nany rushes to narrow the angle and grab the ball.

finalwhistle_livescore 1′ – We are under way between Seychelles and Mauritius!

– The match will kick-off at 14h00 local time, 12h00 GMT.