FULLTIME – COSAFA U20: Angola 1 (3) DR Congo 1 (4) – 3rd/4th Play-Off

Check out our live coverage of the 2016 COSAFA Under-20 Championships bronze-medal match between Angola and DR Congo at the Moruleng Stadium on Friday!

Angola were humbled 5-0 by hosts South Africa in the semifinals, while DR Congo lost 2-1 to Zambia. Both those matches were played on Wednesday.

Starting line-ups:

Angola XI: Julio da Costa, Pedro Alves, Joaquim Balanga, Nelson Mudile, Calebi Yanda, Francisco Sacalumbo, Nelson da Luz, Felix Vladimiro, Fernando Morais, Alberto Miguel, Zinadine Catraio.

DR Congo XI: Jackson Lunanga, Nicolas Kazadi, Chadrack Lukombe, William Luezi, Djemes Mudiadia, Mvumpa Katompa, Nathan Lusuki, Grady Lengo, Tresor Yamba, Batista Adongba, Agee Amongo.


– MISS! Miguel for Angola skies his shot. DRC win bronze!

– SCORE! Luezi scores for DRC. 4-3.

– SCORE! Alves scores for Angola! Finally … 3-3.

– MISS! Lusuki misses for DRC, drags his low shot wide. What is going on!? 3-2.

– MISS! Sacalumbo misses for Angola, fires into the cloudless sky! Still 3-2 DRC.

– MISS! Sita misses for DRC. Places his shot wide! 3-2.

MISS! Balanga of Angola hits the upright! Still 3-2 DRC.

– SCORE! Mudiadia scores  for DRC. 3-2

– SCORE! Yanda scores for Angola. 2-2

– SCORE! Amongo scores for DRC! 2-1.

– SCORE! Morais also scores for Angola. 1-1.

– SCORE! DRC score from the first penalty through captain Yamba. 1-0.

halftime_livescore FULLTIME: It finishes 1-1 and we must go to penalties!

sub_livescore 81′ – DR Congo sub: Lukombe out, Kuamanbu in.

shotwide_livescore 80′ – Sacalumbo drags his low shot off target in a counter-attack for Angola.

sub_livescore 79′ – Angola sub: Jose Afonso in, Da Luz out.

shotwide_livescore 72′ – Nguendelamba fires over the bar from the 18-yard box after receiving a square pass.

sub_livescore 65′ – Angola sub: Mudile out, Mario Balburdia in.

sub_livescore 64′ – DR Congo sub: Mvumpa out, Kinkela in.

sub_livescore 62′ – DR Congo sub: Lengo out, Sita in.

shotwide_livescore 59′ – Da Luz wastes a glorious opportunity for Angola by placing his free kick off target.

goal_livescore 57′ – GOAL! Zinadine Catraio scores from the penalty spot to equalise for Angola after DRC’s right back Kazadi fouls Angola striker Sacalumba!

yc_livescore 53′ – Yellow card to Mudiada of DRC.

shotwide_livescore 52′ – Through ball sets Nguendeamba of Angola clear but DRC’s keeper Lunanga kicks the ball away.

shotwide_livescore 49′ – Free kick for Angola. Miguel’s effort blocked by DRC.

finalwhistle_livescore 46′ – We are back under way in the second half!

sub_livescore Angola sub: Paulinho Nguendelamba in, Morais out.

halftime_livescore HALFTIME: DR Congo lead at the break from Alves’ own goal, they have been the better side!

shotwide_livescore 43′ – DRC win a free kick, Yamba takes it but Angola head the ball away.

shotwide_livescore 36′ – Alves kicks out a ball for a corner kick after pressure from DRC.

goal_livescore 34′ – GOAL! DR Congo have the lead as Angola’s Pedro Alves puts the ball into his own net!

yc_livescore 31′ – Yellow card to Mudile of Angola for a foul.

shotwide_livescore 26′ – DRC goalkeeper Lunanga jumps to punch out a long ball from the left by Angola’s Da Luz. Angola are stepping up the attacking tempo.

shotwide_livescore 21′ – Kazadi for DRC takes a long range shot from the centre circle, keeper Costa fumbles the harmless looking low ball before grabbing it.

shotwide_livescore 18′ – Angola’s Sacalumbo’s effort is deflected out for a corner kick and Da Luz’s heads over the bar from the resultant corner kick.

shotwide_livescore 14′ – Angola win a corner kick taken by Banza but DRC’s keeper Lunanga jumps to make a save.

shotwide_livescore 11′ – Felix sprints into DRC’s penalty area but misses.

shotwide_livescore 8′ – Free kick to DRC as Kazadi is fouled on the right but it comes to nothing

shotwide_livescore 4′ – Action swings to the other end where Angola have also won a corner-kick but DRC clear their lines.

shotwide_livescore 2′ – First corner for DRC who play a short one and  a shot for Lusuki is blocked.

finalwhistle_livescore 1′ – We are under way in the 3rd/4th play-off between Angola and DR Congo!

– The referee for today’s match is Lebalang Mokete from Lesotho.