FULLTIME – AUSC Zone 5 U20 (Men) – Zimbabwe 1 Angola 0

Check out our live coverage of the AUSC Zone 5 Under-20 Men’s Competition match between Zimbabwe and Angola from Luanda, Angola.


FULLTIME: Zimbabwe hold on for the win and get the three points!

shotwide_livescore 70′ – Angola are playing beautiful attacking football with beautiful touches but still cant get the ball behind the net

shotwide_livescore 60′ – World-class save by Nssesani as Zimbabwe still lead 1-0 over hosts Angola.

sub_livescore 57′ – Angola sub: Double substitution Muila and Claudio come on for Adalmiro and Melono respectively.

sub_livescore 52′ – Zimbabwe sub: Second substitution for Zimbabwe as Trust Maseko come on for Kuda Mangami.

yc_livescore 49′ – Yellow card for Angola’s Mivo Jelson for an ugly tackle.

HALFTIME: Zimbabwe lead the hosts 1-0 at the break in a game full of chances.

sub_livescore 42′ – Zimbabwe sub: Guyo comes out and Jalai comes on. Seems to be an injury change.

shotwide_livescore 40′ – Forty minutes played at InterClube out in Luanda. Hosts Angola still looking for their opening goal after many half chances.

shotwide_livescore 30′ – Half an hour played in Luanda. Angola still trail 1-0 to Zimbabwe after numerous shots at goal.

yc_livescore 23′ – Another card for Zimbabwe. Trey Chamatumba for interfereing with play during an Angolan attack.

shotwide_livescore 20′ – Zimbabwe still lead 1-0 against Angola, who are hunting for the equaliser.

yc_livescore 15′ – Yellow card for Zimbabwean player Prince Jaure for a late foul.

goal_livescore 9′ – GOAL! Zimbabwe lead as Denzel Khumala sees the keeper off his line and takes the shot!

finalwhistle_livescore 1′ – We are under way!