Kordom shines a light for Namibia’s Galz & Goals Program

Namibia footballer Annouscka Kordom is a shining example of hard work and dedication proving the platform for success as she studies for a bachelor’s degree in health science and business, with emphasis on marketing and sports management.

Kardom has been at Corban University in Salem, Oregon since 2015, and last year the midfielder scored five goals in 19 appearances for the side as she continued to shine on that stage.

Kardom featured in the 2019 COSAFA Women’s Championship, where she shone for the side and showed her qualities that have been enhanced since she arrived in college football in the United States.

A ‘veteran’ of the team these days, she is a product of the Namibia Football Association’s Galz & Goals Program, which recently completed another successful year.

It is a program to uncover the best female footballers in the country, starting from Under-13 level, and Kordom is perhaps its most notable, but certainly not only, success.

“These are very noble ideals indeed because youth development implies development of youth from childhood into adulthood resulting into a desired change of attitudes, in acting behaviour and thinking which should be finally crowned with personality development,” !Nami#Nus Regional Councillor Jan Scholtz said when launching the initiative in Lüderitz recently.

“Therefore I’m happy that we are launching the NFA Galz & Goals League in Lüderitz, this will provide an environment where young girls can grow into leaders while playing sports and being empowered with the necessary life skills”.

Kardom is grateful for the opportunity she has been given, and says she never takes it for granted.

“What keeps me going is reminding myself of the opportunity I have. Not many people can say they’ve been put into situations like mine. God has been really good to me the last couple years by providing me with endless opportunities,” Kordom previously told The Namibian.

“Studying and playing abroad has always been a dream. Being in contact with people at home soothes the homesickness a little bit too. It connects me with my roots in some sort.”
She admits she has learnt much in her five-year stay at Corban University.

“The football is very different here. The style of play is different, the coaching is different, their philosophies are different. Different in a good way,” she said.

“I believe playing here has helped me grow a little in terms of sports intellect, and the way I play. I played under a Namibian coach my first two years, which was one of the best experiences here in America.

“Most American teams focus on physique, so some games are very physical.”