Fixture change for 2017 COSAFA Women’s Championship

The organisers of the 2017 COSAFA Women’s Championship have made a change to the final round of fixtures to be played at the regional championship in Bulawayo from September 13-24.

In order for the final matches in each pool to be played at the same time, both Group A and Group C will now conclude on September 17. Group B will be concluded the following day.

The final matches in Group A will both kick-off at 14h00 and will be Zambia vs Madagascar (Barbourfields Stadium) and hosts Zimbabwe vs Malawi (Luveve Stadium).

Both matches in Group C will start at 16h30 and are South Africa vs Botswana (Luveve Stadium) and Namibia vs Lesotho (Barbourfields Stadium).

The final pool matches in Group B on September 18 take place at 14h00 and see Mauritius vs Mozambique (Luveve Stadium) and Kenya vs Swaziland (Barbourfields Stadium).

The top team in each pool advances to the semifinals as well as the best-placed runner-up.

The semifinals will both be played on September 21, with the bronze medal match two days later and the final on September 24 at 15h00. All of those matches will be played at Barbourfields Stadium.



September 13 (Barbourfields Stadium)
10h30             Namibia vs Botswana
14h00             Zambia vs Malawi
16h30             Zimbabwe vs Madagascar


September 14 (Luveve Stadium)
10h30             Mauritius vs Swaziland
14h00              Kenya vs Mozambique
16h30             South Africa vs Lesotho


September 15 (Barbourfields Stadium)
10h30             Madagascar vs Malawi
14h00             South Africa vs Namibia
16h30             Zimbabwe vs Zambia


September 16 (Luveve Stadium)
10h30             Kenya vs Mauritius
14h00             Lesotho vs Botswana
16h30             Mozambique vs Swaziland


September 17 (Barbourfields Stadium)
14h00             Zambia vs Madagascar
14h00             Namibia vs Lesotho


September 17 (Luveve Stadium)
14h00             Zimbabwe vs Malawi
14h00             South Africa vs Botswana


September 18 (Luveve Stadium)
14h00             Mauritius vs Mozambique

September 18 (Barbourfields Stadium)
14h00             Kenya vs Swaziland


September 21 (Barbourfields Stadium)
13h00              Winner Group A vs Winner Group C
15h00              Winner Group B vs Best Runner-Up



September 23 (Barbourfields Stadium)
13h00              Loser Semifinal 1 vs Loser Semifinal 2


September 24 (Barbourfields Stadium)
15h00              Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2