COSAFA TSG head Masango in Rabat for CAF Instructors Course

COSAFA is about much more than what fans see on the pitch, it is a vehicle to develop and grow the game across the board in the Southern African region, providing opportunities not only to players, but also coaches, match officials and referees.

One such beneficiary has been Leah Sweetness Masango, who for several years now has headed up the Technical Study Group (TSG) at COSAFA tournaments.

She has done outstanding work in providing detailed reports that coaches and member associations can dissect to assess the latest trends in men’s and women’s football.

Masango is currently in Rabat, Morocco taking the next step in her own journey as she attends a CAF Instructors Course, along with several others from the COSAFA region.

She hopes to begin to ‘coach the coaches’, bringing through a new wave of tacticians to develop the game further.

“We were identified during the CAF/COSAFA Women’s Instructors Course that was held in March 2020,” Masango says. “I really appreciate the opportunity I was granted by the South African Football Association, COSAFA and CAF, and all the mentors that have supported me on this journey.”

There is further COSAFA representation among those who are presenting in Rabat as well.

“The elite instructors from our region who will present on this course are Jacqueline Shipanga from Namibia and Shilene Booysen from South Africa,” Masango says.

“Some of the topics that will be covered are the CAF coaching convention and their Women’s Football Division – how it has been running within CAF and what are the improvements they want to bring in going forward.

“Also the profile and role of an instructor, and an instructor’s principles and teaching methods of training.”

Masango has worked incredibly hard to develop her skills over the years and says her role as head of the TSG at COSAFA events has been crucial in that.

“Leading the TSG at COSAFA has had a positive impact on me as an instructor and coach, and grown me in different ways,” she says. “I have improved a lot of skills, like managing the team and the methods we use as TSG.

“And then afterwards ensuring there is a report, which requires a lot of attention to detail and contains a lot of data. We want to make sure everything is relevant and can improve the players, coaches and member associations.”