CAF launches new strategy for women’s football!

The dawn of a new era for women’s football on the continent has come. After several months, the first ever CAF Women’s Football Strategy, the strategic plan to shape the future of the women’s game has come to fruition.

The plan, for an initial four-year period, 2020-2023, is tailor-made taking into consideration peculiarities of the continent with a commitment to develop women’s football at levels to new heights.

With the slogan #ItsTimeItsNow, the strategy represents the new identity for the women’s game and will serve as a reference for the promotion and development of the sport across the continent, and as a guide to success for Member Associations and other stakeholders.


March 2018, Marrakech (Morocco)
CAF organized the first ever Women’s Football Symposium in Marrakech, under the theme ‘raising our game’. The two-day event brought together key stakeholders – FIFA, Confederations, Member Associations, Current and Former Players, Sponsors, Partners, Media, to brainstorm and chart a new path for the development of the women’s game. Amongst the resolutions was the creation of a Women’s Football Division. The division, a key arm of the CAF Football and Development Department serves as the focal point for women’s football, handling all related projects and activities.

November 2018, Accra (Ghana)
The Women’s Task Force met in Accra on the side-lines of the Total Women’s Africa Cup of Nations Ghana 2018 for the next phase of preparations for the Women’s Football Strategy.

November 2019, Cairo (Egypt)

The CAF’s first-ever Women’s Football Taskforce Workshop was held in Cairo. The aim was to identify key areas to develop and measures to put in place to ensure a strong and dynamic future for the growth of women’s football in Africa. The workshop was facilitated by a team from FIFA’s Women’s Football Division who have exhibited tremendous support to empowering women in football. The brainstorming sessions gave birth to areas and focal points for the for the CAF Women’s Football strategy taking into consideration the peculiarities of the continent.

The strategy is built on five main priorities namely Development, Competitions, Marketing & Promotion, Professionalization & Leadership and Social impact.


Accelerate the growth of the women’s game at all levels all across Africa by facilitating more playing opportunities for women and girls and providing increased and improved training opportunities for technical staff involved in the women’s game, and linking capacity building courses to development programs and competitions.

Competitions are the greatest drivers of football development. To increase the number of women’s competitions for clubs notably the CAF Women’s Champions League.

Marketing & Promotion

Create a strong and unifying women’s football brand for Africa that leverages African values and has regional and global appeal, fueled by the spirit of family, passion and culture.

Professionalization and Leadership
To ensure our efforts towards the growth of the women’s game are sustainable by working with stakeholders to professionalize the structures surrounding women’s football on and off the field and increase in female administrators.

Social Impact
To leverage the power of football to socially impact on African women and girls positively. Also, the use of football as a tool to educate the girl child, empower and encourage participation.


Ahmad Ahmad, CAF President

“Today is historic day for women’s football in Africa. The launch of the CAF Women’s Football Strategy is in line with our commitment to give hope to the youth across the continent and to develop women’s football at all levels. It sets out a clear roadmap for specific actions which will revolutionize women’s football. My gratitude goes out to the key stakeholders and experts who took part in putting together this strategic document, which is the beginning of many things to come.#ItsTimeItsNow”

Isha Johansen, Chairperson of Organising Committee for Women’s Football
“The strategy is a follow up on the CAF Women’s Football Symposium in 2018. We have now established strategies and drawn up a road map which we believe will enhance the development of women’s football on the continent in all areas and levels from Leadership, Governance, Technical, Education, Strategic Partnerships and Grassroots. #ItsTimeItsNow”

Desiree Ellis, Head Coach, South Africa Women’s National Team
“I am very excited with the CAF Women’s Football Strategy which will definitely improve women’s football on the continent and creating more playing opportunities for players. The game is evolving and as a continent we need to keep up. #ItsTimeItsNow”

To download the presentation, click here. 

Source: CAF Online