Youngsters get chance to design CAF African Schools Football Championship trophy

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) is running a competition for the design of the trophy for the Continental Phase of the CAF African Schools Football Championship.

CAF has opened the competition across all 54 confederations for children between 12-15 years.

The objectives of this competition are partly to create one (1) trophy design, which will be used to produce the trophy for the winners of the African Schools Football Championship of each year. CAF also wants to include the young artistic talents of Africa in the African Schools Football Championship whose main objective is to strengthen the boys and girls on the continent.

The theme of the Trophy is “African Schools Football”. The creative proposal must be innovative in terms of concept and aesthetics, considering the following aspects, Cost effectiveness, Environment friendliness and Simplicity of technical implementation.

How to register for the competition

  1. Participants must register for the competition by contacting CAF as follows:
  2. By sending an email to:
  3. A confirmation email will be sent with a reference number to validate the registration. The reference number is an identification code and should be used in all correspondence with CAF.
  4. This reference number must be placed on all paper and digital documents concerning the project

Participants and conditions of participation

  1. The competition is open to:
  2. Art and Design Schools in Africa.
  3. Students in Art and Design Schools in Africa.
  4. The Projects must be written in French or English.
  5. The same project shall not be sent under different names.
  6. Successful applications may only be submitted by a group (e.g., a Schools of Art and Design) or by an individual (e.g., a students registered in a Schools of Art and Design).
  7. CAF will not reimburse candidates for any costs incurred in part

The Project specification

  1. The submitted Trophy design should suggest a trophy that:
  2. Must be an original creation by the participant and must not already exist on the market.
  3. Should be imposing, elegant and not too heavy.
  4. Be made in any durable material.
  5. Can be easily cleaned.
  6. The total production cost of each trophy shall not exceed USD 2,000 (two thousand United States dollars).
  7. Please submit your project by email to and by post to CAF Headquarters’ address mentioned below:
    Confédération Africaine de Football
    3 Abdel Khalek Tharwat Street,
    El Hay El Motamayez, P.O. Box 23
    6th October City

Every project submission should include the following documents:

For individual submission:

  1. Valid passports copy of the participant.
  2. Curriculum Vitae of the participant(s).
  3. Certificate of registration at the School of Art and Design.
  4. Artistic portfolio of the participant.
  5. The present terms of reference duly signed by the participant (please refer to page no. 9 of this document).
  6. Concept note of the project (intentions, motivations, history of creation etc.).
  7. Technical description (materials used, details…).
  8. The value (in US Dollars) of the production of the proposal.


  1. The winner of the competition will be entitled to a prize money of USD 3,000 (Three thousand United States dollars).
  1. In addition, CAF may grant the winner media exposure. By participating in the competition, the participant (whether individual participants or schools) accepts to have his/her/its name and other personal data (including but not limited to name, photo, nationality…) displayed by CAF on any media channel.
  1. CAF will contact the winner to inform them of their win and may organize a trophy presentation event upon CAF’s discretion.

Deadline is January 20, 2023.