Support for CAF President Ahmad

Over the past four years, African football has undergone an unprecedented transformation. Today, we, Presidents of the 6 Councils of African Football Associations, in the name of 46 Presidents of CAF’s associations, call on President Ahmad to run for a second term in order to continue with his achievement.

When it was founded in 1957, the Confederation of African Football was to be one of Africa’s showcases in the eyes of the world. Its role is also crucial in our continent. As an organising authority of the most practiced sport by African, it can make football a social and economic development tool beyond entertainment.

President Ahmad Ahmad has, in this regard, brought new impetus to football in Africa. The reforms that have been initiated on the first day in of his mandate have built a demanding institution, strong, modern, rising each day a little more to international standards.

In four years, he managed to set up a new system of governance, collegial, allowing allgoodwill to participate in the life of football. The fundamental reorganization of the institution has made the administration more efficient. Transparency – particularly financial – has become a major concern, which is improving every day.

The work achieved by President Ahmad Ahmad and his team is as effective as it is unappreciated because you never notice things that are going well. It is unfair, but nature is made that way.

CAF is doing better, but the situation remains fragile. Transformations in the institution are bearing fruit, but reforms must continue, and good practices take root. The culture of high standards must become a habit. This requires time, perseverance, and vigilance that only stability can bring.

The challenges of the next term of office are immense: in addition to completing the reforms, we must instil a vision for African football. We need a modern project, in line with the aspirations of the continent and Africans, whether spectators, practitioners, or leaders.

In this area, the lines drawn by President Ahmad are promising, and we share them. As we are better acquainted with the areas and the field, we also believe that we must strengthen the means there to amplify the education of the youngest. President Ahmad has already spoken of his desire to make football accessible to everyone, regardless of ethnic, economic, religious or gender differences. We agree, and we also welcome the historic progress already made in women’s football materials.

We too are convinced that our sport is a way to create links between all Africans. That it must be a path to emancipation. We believe in the virtues of exemplary football, able to serve as a model for African youth. The work carried out on refereeing over the past four years points in this direction.

Regarding to all these elements, we, Presidents of the 6 Councils of African Football Associations, supported by 46 Presidents of our 54 members associations, believe that President Ahmad should be a candidate for re-election. If he decides to do so, we will support him.

Philip Chiyangwa, Mamadou Antonio Souaré, Abdulhakim Al Shelmani, Gustavo Ndong, Djibrilla Hima Hamidou, Wallace Karia, Presidents of the 6 Councils of African Football Associations.